Thursday, June 23, 2011

hey happy birthday tris

now a night in avignon

i didnt even mention the cemetary

this one is actually from bourdeau


notre dame at night

notre dame at night is such a surreal place

gypsy music; men dressed as women; people smoking by the seine

train to paris

french country side by train

wheat field; vineyard: wheat field vineyard; field of sunflowers: wheat field...

chillin at a coffee shop

more bordeau

french bulldog in bourdeau

mom this one is for you

i cant believe people live here

first arriving in bourdeau °a bit out of order°


laundry in bourdeau

first french baguette

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Before the flight to Europe 8 June

I ran into another fellow recent Ole graduate. hasthag RYAN TROSTRUD. He and his family were on my flight to Frankfurt. Weird.

On the way to the airport 8 June

Fatherly advice before we leave